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Charlee Morgan – Weekdays 10am-2pm

I’m actually a full-time pet parent and part-time radio host 🙂  I share my home with 3 rescue dogs, 3 rescue cats & 1 hamster. If I’m not adopting or fostering animals, I’m saving strays from the streets of Calgary. Or you’ll find me at my fave dog park, Southland park.  But back to the radio side of my life. It all started in my hometown Vancouver when I was in high school. I won a contest on a rock radio station to be a DJ for an hour! FYI We don’t like to be called DJ’s or announcers anymore lol.  Radio personality or host is fine.  I’m one of the lucky ones who loves my work because playing music all day and talking to you isn’t work. It’s fun!! Glad to have you along during the work day!

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